What is APO010?

APO010 is a ‘First-in-Class’ Immuno-Oncology Phase 2 FAS/CD95 anti-cancer drug that utilizes the body’s immune system to allocate and destroy the cancer cells. APO010 is currently undergoing a Phase 2 trail in patients with Multiple Myeloma followed by a study in Metastatic Breast Cancer.

What does it do?

Immuno-Oncology product that mimics our T-cells

APO010 has a unique mechanism of action, as it mimics the body’s own immune system by CTL tumor killing

APO010 has it’s own cell-kill mechanism

APO010 binds to the FAS-receptor of the cancer cell which is expressed on most (>80%) cancers cells. It binds with a strong hexameric structure which then activates apoptosis (cell-death) of the malignant cells

Drug Response Prediction

Oncology Venture has developed a APO010-DRP™ Drug Response Prediction used as a precision companion diagnostic (CDx) to stratify highly likely sensitive responders, and are presently screening patients to be included in the clinical trials for Multiple Myeloma

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop this unique immuno-oncology drug utilizing our DRP™ Technology to achieve clinical success in the ongoing Phase 2 study. Our goal is to out-licenses APO010 to partners so that it can help cancer-patients all over the world to overcome their disease.

How does it work?

APO010 is a potent anticancer agent with undisrupted activity in several resistant cells. APO010 mimics one of the two cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (CTLs) mechanisms of actions for efficient cancer cell killing. FasL is one of only few molecules that immune cells use to induce apoptotic cancer cell death. The Fas receptor is expressed on over 80% of cancer cells.


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